Second hand hifi

Second hand hifi

2nd hand hifi - Buying Hi-Fi second hand can lead to some great bargains; kit that is few years old can be found at a fraction of its original price and super high end equipment can thus fall within modest budgets. However, for many, used equipment is simply dismissed as being too risky. Commonly cited reasons include:

    Items are used and out of warranty, thus no guarantee they will work when received or in the long term.
    Buying second hand items long distance prohibits any demo to confirm its functional and sounds as expected or desired.
    The second hand market is entirely full of con-men and scams.

The above are certainly valid issues, however with a little know-how its possibly to mitigate them and pick up some great Hi-Fi bargains. In this article I will address the above concerns in turn, so you to can save large sums on buying Hi-Fi equipment.

Second hand hifi

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